Recessed filter plate

  1. In terms of design, the filter plate absorbs the most advanced filtering characteristics abroad, and through comprehensive design such as reasonable filter point arrangement, filter surface support point arrangement, flow channel design, and drainage hole opening angle, the filter plate During the filtration process, the water flow rate is fast, the impact on the filter plate is small, and the filter material is evenly distributed, thereby increasing the filtering speed, enhancing the washing effect, and prolonging the service life of the filter plate.
  2. The filter plate is made of high-quality modified reinforced polypropylene (material selection: Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical). It is formed by 1500 tons of pressure molding, and then processed by pressing plate machine, CNC milling machine milling and drilling and trimming, etc., to ensure that the flatness of the filter plate is below 25μm, and the sealing performance is good to prevent the feeding Leaking phenomenon.
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